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Tamarin Falls

thumb image 7fallsSituated on the central plateau, near the small village of Henrietta, Tamarin Falls is the one canyon of  the island you do not want to miss. With its 11 waterfalls, multiple jumps, ziplines, deep ponds and lush green vegetation, Tamarin falls remains one of the most beautiful canyon of the Island that will suit the beginner to the hardcore adventurer.


Abseiling in the spray

This  trip is the most popular of our activities. It is easy, fun and accessible to all. The trip starts with a small hike to the first waterfall of 15m where participants get the first feel of abseiling for real. The group then crosses the water pond and boulder walk down the river to reach the second waterfall: an impressive 40m drop into the canyon. After landing on a small rocky platform everyone can have several go at the high speed Zip-line landing in water.
The exit is a 10min scramble uphill and another 10 min walk where delicious lunch awaits.

End Time: 1430 / 1530 hrs after lunch


Discover the whole of the Tamarin Falls canyon through This full-day-full-on vertical adventure. You will do a total of 9-11 abseils including the highest (55m) of the canyon and wade and jump across 8 ponds from 10m to 60m long… and end with a 45min steep uphill climb with all the equipment...

Participants will share packs with the instructors.
The trip includes packed sandwich lunch, drinks and warm snacks after the canyon.

Who should book?

This trip is for the fit and adventurous with a reasonable fitness level.  If you who have done the Half day trip with us before or any other canyons and have abseiled more than 20m, if you are an able swimmer and can hike with the equipment on your back, then this is for you.

Trip Description for the full day, itinerary and Timings:

We meet at 0730 hrs at the 7 Cascades Lodges, where we will fill in the disclaimer forms with warm tea and coffee.
The instructors will run the equipment and safety gear and lunch will be packed in waterproof bags.

A 15min hike through the sugar cane field takes us on the edge of the first 40m waterfall. The day is spent abseiling waterfalls between 10 -55m long, dry or in the spray, cliff jumping between 4 - 13m high and wading across pools between 10 to 60 m long.

Lunch is light and Rapid (cereal Bars, Bread and water)

We exit the canyon at the hydro electric power station where a 45min (minimum) uphill hike will climb us 180m vertically to return to the village and another 20 min hike takes us back to the lodges where warm tea/coffee and snacks or ICE COLD BEER will be waiting.

We end between 1700 - 1800 hrs depending on the group size and level.