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Discover the thrills of Canyonning with our trained and qualified instructors, all driven by passion!

If you've never tried Canyonning, it is a must-do adrenaline sport; fresh water splashing in your face surrounded by lush green nature, jumps into natural rock pools, swimming under waterfalls and abseiling down close to the water...

We run Initiation trips for beginners that are designed to be FUN and CHALLENGING Check out our sites for more information.

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Rock Climbing

We have equipped a couple of basaltic cliffs and crags that should provide some pleasure  to climbers. For non climbers we run half day initiation courses that teach you the basics of belaying, rock moves and feet placement so you can start your career in the vertical world.

Now, if you are a Vertical Junkie with muscles bigger than your ego, wandering the world with your bag full of cams and chalk and would like to crash in Mauritius, give us a call and we might organise a couple of first climbs for you.

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Groups & Incentives

Vertical World creates unique and original fun and adventure days that will keep you talking for months after the event. From Raft building challenges, to island wide orienteering challenges using off-roaders and GPS, to stunts that will spice up your event or interactive drumming sessions, we are the solution to your event

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Access & Rescue

The Vertical World Access and Rescue team was created because of the non existence on an effective medical Access and Rescue Team in Mauritius.  To ensure the safety of our activities and clients we decided we had to be prepared for the worst and that included rescue beyond first aid Vertical World initiated its own Paramedic Access and Rescue 10 years ago and has steadily grown since to be the only trained and equipped Paramedic rescue team. We now propose volunteer rescue services to the community and are regularly called upon.

As from Dec 2009 we will be proposing our professional services to outdoor events. The funds collected will be used to continue sponsor  public rescue.

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Mauritius has a green heart, with lush green vegetation, indigenous forests around the central plateau, interesting mountains ranges, remnants of a caldera and our volcanic origins, lakes and crater lakes, rivers and waterfalls. Discover the Green heart of the island though kilometres of nature trails in the national parks and the mountains of the island.

Vertical World offer a wide choice of full day or half-day trips suitable for people of all ages around the island with special focus on our fauna and Flora, together with stories and legends of the trails we visit.

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Corporate Adventure Training & Team Development programs

The outdoors has the immense capacity of bringing out the best and the worst out of teams.

Using our experience of the field, and the outdoors as classroom, we have the capacity of creating team development activities that will put your team to the test. Challenge you physically, intellectually and emotionally, changing the way you see and value each other in the process.

From simple outdoor games that can be set up between two trees in the backyard of a hotel to canyonning and abseiling trips via complex multi-day, multi-activity role plays inland or in Madagascar, Kenya, Rodrigues Island, Reunion or anywhere else in the world, our methods are fun, challenging and highly involving.

Welcome to the experiential education model. Welcome to the vertical world, our world.

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