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Vertical World has a reputation of creating unique and original 'fun & adventure' days that will keep you talking for months after the event. Truth is that we are easily bored so we end up twisting the rules and thinking out of the box to come out with activities with an edge. From Raft building challenges (with some trading element added), to island wide orienteering challenges using 4x4's and GPS, to role plays where the participants can get abducted to stunts that will spice up your event or interactive drumming sessions, we are the solution to your event. Try us!

Here under are some of our activities. We are totally flexible. Contact us for more details.

The Orienteering Challenge

The Adventure Quest

The Raft Traders Challenge

The Gladia-Team

Fun Team Bonding Day

The Totem Challenge

Gotcha (SMS Based orienteering)

The Pirates Of The East

The Beach Gladiators

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